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Honor societies are a rich tradition with a history that spans over 200 years. Order of the Key celebrates the past, present and future of high achievers. As a preeminent leadership society with an exclusive network of distinguished individuals and invaluable resources, we empower initiates to achieve exceptional goals.

For accepted members, the Order provides unlimited opportunities for advancement through scholarships, networking, internship matching, partner discounts and much more.

Social Impact Projects

We value social impact and want to change the world. Each student that is accepted has the chance to work on projects with students from across the U.S. and the globe that are helping humanity. Other students might choose a local project that will impact their community. Either way, OTK will provide a framework and support to help this.


Order of the Key is a leadership honor society with the following threefold mission:
To recognize individuals who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate and community activities and to encourage them to aspire to higher achievements over the course of their lifetime.

To bring together high performing individuals in all phases of collegiate life and create an organization which will help enrich the academic institutions and student communities that house our chapters.

To create an organization focused on the lifelong growth and success of its members, providing academic and professional opportunities, while forming a close-knit community of like-minded, leadership oriented individuals.


For members, the Order of the Key offers a variety of scholarships to help reward leadership contributions and make it easier to achieve scholastic success. A generous portion of membership fees will go towards scholarships.


To qualify for membership to Order of the Key, applicants must:

  • Demonstrate exemplary leadership in their academic and local communities
  • Exhibit a commitment to excellence in the classroom, extracurricular activities or student organizations

While there is no specific GPA requirement, admittance to the Order is competitive and will consider the student's leadership or academic activities as a whole.

Application process

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Our executive staff will review your qualifications (1-2 week process)
  3. If you are accepted, you will receive a membership confirmation and sign-up email
  4. After you join, a certificate of acceptance will be sent to your address and you will have access to community benefits and the Order of the Key network!

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