5 Tips to Lead Like a Workforce Warrior on Your First Post-College Job

5 Tips to Lead Like a Workforce Warrior on Your First Post-College Job

You've gone through the internships and interviews to earn your dream job. However, how do you continue demonstrating your leadership skills? Learn to lead as you jump start your career with these five tips.

1. Build Alliances

The first 90 days at your new job is when you will be the most vulnerable. That's why it's important to build alliances to form a network that will sustain you as a leader. Take advantage of opportunities to forge alliances and gain knowledge from understanding the landscape of the company's politics and build credibility.

When you build credibility, you are setting yourself up for long-term success on the job. Connect with key groups and people that can provide potential support. These individuals will be the people you can persuade to align with your goals.

2. Manage Yourself

It's important to manage your emotions and stay professional. You don't want to be missing important deadlines or engaging in adverse situations, such as gossiping or creating a scene with angry outbursts. Demonstrate leadership skills from the start by conducting yourself in an ethical manner. Seek counsel for advice on how to handle stressful situations and practice being on time by being organized.

3. Be An Active Learner

If you want to lead like a workforce warrior, you need to stay up to date with what's going on around you. This will require you to actively learn about office politics and the company's culture. Stay curious and read books, learn the company's products and marketing for a competitive advantage. View learning as a continuous process so you can stay innovative.

4. Be Flexible

If you want to demonstrate your leadership skills, then it's not enough to only know or perform your job. You want to make sure that you are flexible enough to learn and perform other tasks and duties so you can demonstrate your resourcefulness. Use small management opportunities, such as being a project lead on a new initiative, as a way to demonstrate your leadership skills.

5. Create a Personal Vision

How do you see yourself as a leader? It's important to ask yourself this question so you can clarify and visualize your personal vision. When you set values and goals for yourself you can create a vision of leadership that you can use while you work in the organization. It'll also be easier for people to align with you when you have an established vision.

Final Thoughts

You don't have to wait for the right moment to demonstrate your leadership. Look out for opportunities and take these tips into consideration to demonstrate your leadership aptitude on your first post-college job.