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"The Fastest growing Leadership Honor Society in the Nation"

Scholarships & Awards

Order of the Key began with the vision of both recognizing its members’ achievements and helping them succeed in school and in their careers. We do not just recognize but reward students who go above and beyond. 

Boost Your Résumé

Candidates for induction into the the Society are selected by invitation based on either academic achievement or leadership potential. Membership in Order of the Key is an honor to be recognized on all statements of personal achievement, including résumé and cover letters.

An Elite Network

Join the multitude of members in schools around the world in an exclusive network of support and motivation. Order of the Key members are tomorrow's doctors, senators and CEOs. Groomed for success, Order of the Key's vast network is unmatched and consists of the highest achievers at every university.

An Exclusive Society Founded on Tradition & Values

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The Society's Three Pillars of Success...


Order of the Key members are more than good students; we are scholars. We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and change situations for the better. We enjoy academic challenges and strive for excellence in our fields. We are not bookish; we are learned.


All over the world Order of the Key members are reaching out, making plans; changing lives. You speak and people listen; you lead and people follow. Wherever you go, Order of the Key is with you, offering opportunities to further develop your leadership skills and work with others with similar purpose and goals.


Step up. Stand out. Make a difference. Make the world a better place. Inspire others. Throughout our lives, we're bombarded with messages, pleading, commanding and motivating us to give back to our communities and the world at large.

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What People are saying...

Being a member of Order of the Key opened up job opportunities I never would have had otherwise! Its been such an incredible society to be a part of and its an honor to call myself a member. 

Member: Nathaniel Wallien

"Order of the Key has made more of an impact on our campus than any any other club or organization. Their service projects are truly a blessing to our university." 

Baylor University

The Society has taught me how to create opportunity for myself and make an impact on those around me. Joining the Society was one of the best decisions of my college career. 

Member: Sarah Englert

Order of the Key has allowed me to create an incredible network of motivated friends and colleagues that sharpen each other and encourage each other to push our limits. 

Member: Elizabeth Danielson

Just a few of the schools our members represent...

Order of the Key International Leadership Society Headquarters

1701 N. Market St. Dallas TX